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Selecting a Health Care Proxy

The Importance Of Selecting The Right Health Care Proxy

Should you become unable to make your own medical decisions, having a health care proxy is critical. Your health care proxy, also known as a “health care directive,” should be a person you trust to make difficult choices on your behalf.

These Difficult Conversations Are Critical

It is crucial that you have this conversation with them before you legally include them on your estate plan. This provides the perfect opportunity to discuss what you would want should you become incapacitated. If they are uncomfortable being a health care proxy, it can save you both stress by finding someone who can handle the responsibility.

You may consider choosing someone who lives nearby or close enough to travel quickly in emergency situations. It may be difficult for them to perform their duties as a health care proxy if they are not there in person or would have to travel a significant amount.

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Unfortunately, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. When appointing a health care proxy, it is important to pick one sooner rather than later.

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